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Full details about this holiday including hotel etc.  will follow shortly.    

We have put together this holiday as we thought it would be fun to take part in the Convention “Fabriano in Acquarello” (Fabriano in Watercolour).  Fabriano in Acquarello  was formed eight years ago to bring together watercolourists from all over the world in order to exchange ideas, techniques and inspire new creativity.  Fabriano is situated in Umbria in the central mountain area.  Fabriano in Acquarello is the most important Italian event dedicated to watercolourists from all over the world.

The town of Fabriano and its namesake, Fabriano, has been manufacturing paper for over 700 years.  There is a wonderful museum dedicated to papermaking showing the history of papermaking, its techniques and traditions.  The town has many interesting other museums to visit.

The convention offers many free demonstrations presented by major international watercolour artists. There will be demonstrations on the making of traditional handmade paper and there will be kiosks selling a variety of paints, brushes and papers for artists needing materials.

There will be artists from all the world such as Sweden, Germany, Pakistan, India, South America and the Ukraine sharing their ideas and techniques.  Translators will be on hand to interpret speeches in many different languages.  There will be watercolour painting demonstrations presented by leading international masters, workshops and a huge number of artworks on exhibit.  There will be the opportunity to participate in plein air painting and many other activities. 

Other activities such as a jazz evening, pizza evening sampling of local wine etc. will be included.

More information about the hotel, programme etc. will follow shortly.